History of Chardham: Unleash Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

The Himalayas, the sacred hills covered in snow, hold within them four cherished sites: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. This isn't just a geographic location; it's the soul of the Chardham Yatra, a pilgrimage echoing centuries of history and spiritual significance. Now, imagine experiencing this sacred space not on foot or road, but experiencing Chardham by Helicopter, your heart soaring as the ancient temples unfold beneath you. This dear pilgrim, is the magic of Chardham Helicopter Tour – where comfort elevates your spiritual journey to breathtaking heights.

Chardham by Helicopter

Chardham by Helicopter

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Unraveling the Chardham Story

The Chardham Yatra isn't just a tourist activity; it is closely stitched with legends, mythology, and a rich historical legacy. Each Dham echoes with stories passed down through generations, whispering tales of divine origins and celestial blessings. Keep reading to understand the origin story, spiritual significance, scenic beauty, beliefs, and legends revolving around each of the 4 dhams in Uttarakhand. Also, you can go through our blogs revolving around travel guides, experiences, and all things essential about the Chardham by Helicopter.



Yamunotri – Where Life-Giving Waters Begin

Legend traces the discovery of Yamunotri to Adi Shankara, the 8th-century philosopher-saint who established the temple dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The thermal springs here are believed to possess medicinal properties, attracting pilgrims for centuries.



1. Home to the Divine Feminine:

Yamunotri marks the source of the holy Yamuna River, representing a beautiful goddess, the sister of Yama, the god of death. She represents purity, life-giving force, and motherly compassion. Devotees believe taking a dip in her icy waters washes away sins and grants blessings for prosperity and happiness

2. A Gateway to Moksha:

The River Yamuna is considered a tributary of the sacred Ganges, leading seekers on the path to moksha, liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Bathing in Yamunotri's waters and offering prayers to the goddess are seen as stepping stones towards spiritual liberation.

3. Echoing Legends and History:

Legend traces the discovery of Yamunotri to Adi Shankara, a revered 8th-century philosopher-saint. He established the temple dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, further etching its significance in spiritual circles. The thermal springs here, mentioned in ancient scriptures, add another layer of historical and mythical weight.

4. Healing Powers and Blessings:

The thermal springs at Yamunotri are believed to possess medicinal properties. Pilgrims and locals alike bathe in their warm waters, seeking relief from disease and aches. Offering prayers and performing pujas at the temple are seen as ways of receiving blessings from the divine grace. Visit Yamunotri with packages to Chardham by helicopter or Do Dham by Helicopter blogs.

Gangotri – Where the Ganges Emerges, Cleansing the Soul

At the source of the mighty Ganges, descending from the Gaumukh Glacier stands Gangotri. Here, you stand at the fountainhead of spiritual wisdom, liberation and positive vibes. The beauty of the surroundings, the gushing waters, and the ancient temple resonate with a power that washes away worldly worries.



1. The Cradle of the Divine River:

Hindus believe the Ganges is not just a river, but a form of Goddess Ganga, the daughter of Lord Shiva. Gangotri marks the source of this sacred river, where she descended to cleanse the earth of sin.

2. A Gateway to Enlightenment:

The Ganges is considered a lifeline for India, nourishing the land and fostering spiritual growth. Bathing in its source at Gangotri is believed to be a potent step towards attaining moksha, liberation from the cycle of birth and death

3. Origin:

The epic Mahabharata mentions the descent of Ganga, and the temple dedicated to the goddess is believed to have been built by Bhagiratha, a mythical king who brought the river down from the heavens. This ancient history adds to the mystical aura of the place.

4. A Land of Healing and Blessings:

The Gaumukh Glacier, where the Ganges emerge, is considered a sacred site in itself. Devotees believe that its icy waters possess healing powers. Offering prayers and performing rituals at Gangotri are seen as ways to seek blessings for good health, prosperity, and overall well-being.

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Kedarnath – Unveiling the Power of Transformation

Resting on the cliff of a Himalayan shoulder, Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva, embodies the power of transformation. The challenging journey to reach this mystical Dham tests your physical and spiritual resolve, rewarding you with the ultimate darshan of the Destroyer and Redeemer.



1. Abode of Lord Shiva:

Kedarnath is revered as the holiest of twelve Jyotirlingas, physical representations of Lord Shiva scattered across India. Here, Shiva resides in the form of a naturally formed lingam, a symbol of his generative and transformative power. Pilgrims believe visiting Kedarnath offers profound blessings, spiritual liberation, and even moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth.

2. Origin:

According to the Mahabharata, the Pandavas sought forgiveness from Lord Shiva after the Kurukshetra war. He eluded them in various forms, finally disappearing into the ground at Kedarnath, leaving behind just his hump. The temple is believed to be built on the spot where this occurred, further solidifying its sacredness.

3. Breathtaking Beauty:

Kedarnath's location adds to its significance. Nestled amidst snow-covered peaks, surrounded by glacial valleys and gushing rivers, the very landscape evokes a spiritual sense among pilgrims. This natural beauty amplifies the spiritual experience, immersing pilgrims in the power and majesty of the Himalayas and Lord Shiva himself.

4. A Symbol of Transformation:

Lord Shiva, at Kedarnath, represents not just destruction but also transformation. Devotees believe visiting Kedarnath signifies letting go of negative aspects of oneself, embracing change, and ultimately achieving spiritual growth.

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Badrinath – Seeking Moksha at the Abode of Vishnu

Amidst snow-laden peaks, Badrinath, the abode of Lord Vishnu, represents the culmination of the divine journey. Here, you seek blessings for moksha, liberation from the cycle of birth and death, in the presence of the Preserver of the Universe.



1. The Home of Lord Vishnu:

Badrinath is one of the four most sacred pilgrimage sites in India, called the Char Dhams. Here, Lord Vishnu resides in a black stone statue that radiates peace and kindness. People believe a visit to Badrinath brings good luck, guides them towards happiness, and helps them break free from the cycle of birth and death.

2. Whispers of Ancient Tales:

Legends tell of Lord Vishnu meditating for thousands of years under a special Badri tree (hence the name Badrinath) to restore balance to the universe. The temple itself was built by a wise philosopher-saint named Adi Shankara, making it even more sacred.

3. A Sanctuary of Peace:

Badrinath is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, rushing rivers, and lush meadows, creating an atmosphere of introspection. This peace helps people quiet their minds, connect with nature's beauty, and deepen their devotion to Lord Vishnu.

4. A Symbol of Hope and Refuge:

Lord Vishnu represents the power that sustains and protects the universe. Spiritual belief states that visiting Badrinath offers a refuge from the ups and downs of life and reminds them that there's always hope and freedom, even beyond death.

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Unveiling Hidden Gems and Immersing in Culture

Go beyond the iconic Dhams and discover hidden gems like Vasuki Tal, a serene lake nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, or Mana Village, the last Indian habitation before Tibet. Immerse yourself in local cultural experiences, like witnessing the Maha Arti at Kedarnath, watching the sun rise over the Yamuna River, or listening to the melodious hymns of Har Ki Pauri. These enriching experiences add depth and dimension to your pilgrimage, creating memories that transcend the ordinary.

Mana Village

Mana Village

Beyond the Helicopter Blades: Deepen Your Spiritual Quest

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter ensures you receive the full blessings of each Dham with personalized pujas guided by experienced pandits. These are tailored to your spiritual aspirations, whether it's a private abhishekam at Kedarnath or a serene meditation session amidst the majestic peaks of Gangotri.

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Testimonials and Inspiration: Let Others Guide Your Journey

Don't just take our word for it. Visit our testimonials page and hear how Chardham by Helicopter has transformed the pilgrimage for countless individuals like you. Read their stories of spiritual awakening, awe-inspiring sights, and the unparalleled comfort we provide.

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Sara Ali Khan
Indian Actress

The amount of detailing that went into the designing of my experience and the customization of services on my request in the form of add-on services was something that made me cherish the Yatra all the way long. The most interesting thing that sets them apart is that the service quality is consistently excellent, yet so diverse everytime I travel with them.


The overall experience flying with Thumby Aviation was great. What stood out for me was the professionalism displayed by their ground staff, excellent service quality, and dedication to exceed customer expectations.

Shanthi Guruswamy
Joint General Manager(Air Traffic Control)

The overall experience flying with Thumby Aviation was great. What stood out for me was the professionalism displayed by their ground staff, excellent service quality, and dedication to exceed customer expectations.

Shanthi Guruswamy
Joint General Manager(Air Traffic Control)

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